To build your website, widgets are the bricks. An effective use can do the thing.


The title gives a broad view on what exactly your website means and it allows you to type the name of the title. You can align the title bar in Center, Left or Right segments.


  • Click on the H (Title) widget
  • Enter desired words in the Title Bar
  • Choose to align in Center, Left or Right segments
  • Ensure and click save


The text describes from introductions to conclusions. In the text area, type the needed content at prime. Then you can edit and format in the ways you like with the available tools.


  • Click on the Text widget
  • Enter the content in the text area
  • Format using bold, italic, underline, font size, and style, bulleting, alignment types, etc.,
  • You can add link, image and divider too
  • HTML add-on available to code on your fingertips
  • Edit it with your essence
  • Ensure and click save


Columns bring a professional attire when used in an appropriate way. Webamoeba allows up to 4 columns, where each column comes with a + button paving ways to add whatever is needed.


  • Click on the Column Widget
  • Then it displays 4 horizontal numbers (as 1 2 3 4) representing columns
  • Select the number of columns
  • Opted number will turn out as the columns with + buttons in it
  • You can use them for multiple reasons in various ways
  • Ensure and click save


Image or a picture speaks much in diverse terminologies. Adding an image with a caption notably hikes the chances of projecting a subject or theme of it effectively.


  • Click on Image(I) widget
  • Drop or select Image using a click
  • In the below text box, caption the image with the best and simple words
  • You can also paste a URL in the respective box
  • Ensure and click save


The video is a stream of moments captured for a productive use or for a reminiscent purpose. In business or professional areas, the video is used to beam a message into the market for a sale purpose.


  • Click on video icon widget
  • Paste the URL in the mentioned box
  • A preview will be displayed instantly
  • Ensure and click save


The map is the foremost thing these days to spot or locate a venue. Instant location suggestion feature, makes it user-friendly.


  • Click on the Map icon widget
  • In the location box, type your desired location
  • Instantly, map preview will be displayed in the below box
  • Zoom in and out if needed
  • Ensure and click save


The social media is running the mainstream media and many scaled firms by connecting people irrespective of region and occupations. Playing a vital role in diversifying the products and services, it is reigning with compatible options day by day.


  • Click on Social icon widget
  • You will find various social media blanks
  • Type or paste your links in the respective boxes
  • You can also opt on or off a particular media link from getting displayed
  • Ensure and click save


Anything can be uploaded in the form of document. For suppose, a brochure can do much when seen. What you have uploaded should be feasible for a download by the user or visitor.


  • Just like what you have done with the images, play Click or Drop in the arena
  • Once the file gets uploaded, update your file name in the asked section
  • Ensure and click save


Tabs are the stairs laid by you to draw your customer or client till your contact form or address section. The more compact, detailed, and user-friendly it is set, the more effectiveness it brings to the table.


  • Click on the Tab widget
  • You can add the section as well as remove it from the list
  • You can add up to 10 tabs
  • You can opt for Tab or Accordion style on convenience
  • Ensure and click save


A form can be anything. Either an application form, quote request or a contact query form. It is supposed to carry visitors' doubts to the source provider.


  • Click on Forms Widget
  • Enter the Form Name in the required box
  • Now, you can see + widget(Click on it to get a vertical widget)
  • You will discover Name, Text, Phone, Email, Select, Radio, Check and Line widgets
  • You can customize your form using any of these
  • In each widget, you have to save to take the form onto the web page
  • Then, Ensure every detail and click save


A divider is a line which separates the web page into segments.


  • Click on Divider widget
  • You will directly get the divider line on the web page
  • Ensure it is put in the right place and click save