Advanced Management

Get a Hands-on-experience in creating and managing Pages, CSS, Header and Footer.

Manage Pages


    • To the left, you have the Site Navigation system. Just beside, you have the page creation form.
    • Firstly, enable or tick the Create page check box.
    • Then enter the page name.
    • Write the description of the page.
    • Place or jot down the Meta keywords if you have.

    To the below, there are 2 options as

    • Secure view
    • Show in main Navigation

    You can either enable or disable the options


    • If the Secure view is enabled, only logged in users can view the concerned page
    • If the navigation check button is disabled, the concerned page will not be included in the main menu

    Ensure everything is correct and the click SAVE

Manage Navigation

The site Navigation displays the list or buttons of your website


  • You can shuffle them
  • You can Rename them
  • You can hide them
  • You can create new pages as explained in the video

The newly created pages will be displayed on the navigation map

Other Managements

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)


  • If you have a code ready to be pasted then just copy + paste it in the CSS arena
  • Elsewhere, if you can write the code on your own, well and good, you are the hero.
    Hail Coder!
  • Ensure everything is right and then click SAVE to execute it


color: yellow;



  • In the header, you can place as you wish. But the professional method is to insert a LOGO, Pages and the Page Description in the header.
    Check out the allignment too.
  • You can code this too or take a Developer or Coder's help
  • Ensure everything is right and Click SAVE



  • In the footer, you will find the copyrights of the page with an effective year mentioned
  • Also you can insert the Social Icons for a better connectivity
  • Ensure everything is well placed and aligned, then click SAVE